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Minor Changes

I was working on setting up a new theme today, and was focusing a lot on my sidebar of information and came to the conclusion that my sidebar could be condensed a little.  As a result, I have removed some … Continue reading

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I figure it might be good to note on the definite slacking that has occurred on my part as of late.  So I am publicly admitting to not giving the required attention to this website lately.  There are two main … Continue reading

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OpenID Seems to Be Breaking – Updated

OpenID comment registartion seems to be breaking for some reason. I’ve tried running tests with my OpenID and I am getting errors about an “Could not discover an OpenID identity server endpoint” for the URL. If you are using OpenID … Continue reading

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WordPress 2.1

For those that are in the know, as well as for those that are not, WordPress 2.1 is in release candidate mode and currently has a estimated release date of January 22, this coming Monday. WordPress is the technology that … Continue reading

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800 Spam Comments Blocked

Well, I may not have excessive readership (RSS readers is on average around 28/month and holding) but comment spammers really like my website for some reason. I just deleted the 800th piece of comment spam. While I am sure this … Continue reading

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OpenID Enabled

Almost, Not Yet is now OpenID enabled. So if you have an OpenID, you can use that to leave comments instead of filling out the normal form. Making a Wordpress blog OpenID enabled is actually quite easy. I used the VerseLogic Open ID plugin for Wordpress and edited the code it said I needed to edit in the README file. Like I said overall, it was very easy to implement into this theme.

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