WordPress 2.1

For those that are in the know, as well as for those that are not, WordPress 2.1 is in release candidate mode and currently has a estimated release date of January 22, this coming Monday.

WordPress is the technology that this website runs under and is hands down probably the best software to use for running a site such as this. The 2.1 version scheduled for release is the latest major upgrade version to the software since 2.0. There are several changes in this upgrade that will help in speed and stability.

I have started a private development version of Almost, Not Yet so I can test WordPress 2.1 to see if there is any breakage. I will upgrade to WordPress 2.1 as soon as I can work all the kinks out of the beta site I have set up. I would like to be able to upgrade without losing any current functionality and pages.

I’ll post another announcement once Almost, Not Yet has been upgraded.

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