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Taking a Break – Personal Issues

A lot of personal issues have come to a head in my life this past week.  As a result, this blog is temporarily on hold until I can work through some personal matters. I will return to you I promise.  … Continue reading

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I Own a Blackberry

Yep, that’s right, I have sold out to the world of “crackberry” and I have to say, I’m hooked.  This phone (Blackberry 8100 Pearl) is awesome.  I am throughly impressed.  Not only does it handle email correctly, it allows third … Continue reading

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Five New Years Resolutions

In an attempt to show a little bit of my personal side on this website I have decided to post some of my New Years Resolutions, or at least the ones I feel comfortable sharing to the public. This post … Continue reading

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The End of A Week

Today is one of those rare Friday’s where I feel that I got a good amount of work done during the week. My job usually has me being pulled in multiple directions on a day to day basis and my … Continue reading

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For My Brother

Hey bro, your hero does it again [Technorati Tag: Sports] [Technorati Tag: X Games] [Technorati Tag: Travis Pastrana] [Technorati Tag: Double Back Flip]

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GnuPG (OpenPGP)

I have just installed GnuPG (GNU Privacy Guard) which is basically an open source version of PGP (Pretty Good Privacy) which was free many years ago but is so no longer. You can download my public key using the link … Continue reading

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