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Opie & Anthony

I do not agree with the content produced by most shock jocks. This is certainly not limited to Imus, O&A, or even Mr. Stern. I find most of the content degrading and not to mention rude. However, I also believe in something that most people forget when they attack and get people like the shock jocks suspended or fired, that belief is in something called “freedom of speech” and not “freedom of speech as long as I approve” which seems to be the meaning it is taking these days. Continue reading

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Virginia Tech Shootings

However, I fear that this incident will be used to further some kind of gun control rhetoric ending in stricter gun laws in not only Virginia but all over the country. I am sure that there are several people out there who will blame everything but the actual killer (or the killers parents for not instilling the shooter with a better sense of right and wrong), including (but probably not limited to) guns, video games, and even angry music. But, it should be noted that a person pulled the trigger of that gun today, and the gun did not walk around a campus and kill 32 innocent people for what seems like no reason. No, that was a human being, someone with a brain that was capable of understanding the difference between right and wrong. A human being that made a decision to pick up a deadly weapon and use it. Continue reading

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