Virginia Tech Shootings

I would like to start by stating that anyone who lost someone close to them today in the horrific Virginia Tech shooting has my condolences.  I feel for your loss and hope that you can find solace in the fact that the killer is now dead.

This was a very huge tragedy and not to mention shock to the nation as well as to the security of our school campuses.  I hope that we can learn from our mistakes and move forward in making our schools safe for students, faculty, and guests.

However, I fear that this incident will be used to further some kind of gun control rhetoric ending in stricter gun laws in not only Virginia but all over the country.  I am sure that there are several people out there who will blame everything but the actual killer (or the killers parents for not instilling the shooter with a better sense of right and wrong), including (but probably not limited to) guns, video games, and even angry music.  But, it should be noted that a person pulled the trigger of that gun today, and the gun did not walk around a campus and kill 32 innocent people for what seems like no reason.  No, that was a human being, someone with a brain that was capable of understanding the difference between right and wrong.  A human being that made a decision to pick up a deadly weapon and use it.

Again, I pray for the souls of those lost today as well as the families they leave behind.  This is a tragedy, and I will not argue it any other way.  This was a travesty of an event and should be remembered for decades to come.  I, however, do not wish to see this tragedy be used to further the propaganda of those that wish to remove rights granted in the constitution of our country.

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