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The Problem with Your Gun Control

Yesterday, another horrible person went on a shooting spree. He killed 26 people, many of whom were elementary school children. This person was sick, demented, and obviously needed help. And I feel nothing but pain and sorrow for the families involved. This is a tragedy, no doubt there.

But it didn’t take but two to four hours for my Twitter, Google+, and Facebook feeds to fill up with political rhetoric about the need for more gun control. It got so bad that I had to actually stop reading my social network feeds and I’ve only glanced at Facebook a couple of times since then. I want to talk about the problem with gun control legislation. Continue reading

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Jotting Journal: Your New Private Online Journal

Say hello to Jotting Journal. A private web based (or “cloud based” if you’re into buzz words) online journal. This web application is meant to be a place where you can log your private thoughts and do so in a more cross platform manner than some of the other more popular journal-ing applications out there. Continue reading

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Some Thoughts on Recent Politics

All that being said I want to be clear from the start that I am not trying to make people angry with this post, but these are some thoughts that I’ve had over the last few months and things I’ve wanted to say with regards to some of the more popular talking points in our political discussions today. Continue reading

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Some Thoughts on Apple vs. Samsung

So by now you’ve all heard that the jury awarded Apple a billion dollar win in their patent suit against Samsung. This is big news in the technology world, with all sides weighing in with their opinions, thoughts, and accusations. I figured I might as well join the party. Continue reading

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With the release of the 16th episode, has completed its first complete screencast series. It’s a moment to be proud of.

However, give some recent events in the home office, I’ve gotten a little behind on my backlog. I have several episodes for the next series in various stages of completion. But I’ve been without my primary audio editing machine for 2 weeks now, and it’ll be another week before I can get back on it. The computer is fine, it’s just been unplugged. Continue reading

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I'm Not Boycotting Apple, But They Have Made Me Angry

If you haven’t heard, Apple managed to get an injunction against the Samsung Galaxy Nexus. Google’s current Nexus phone.

This makes angry. Sure, I can’t do nothing about it and I’m mostly over the initial anger from reading that this happened. But I think that’s it’s a pretty bad move by Apple and here’s why. Continue reading

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