Rotation Cipher – My First Android App

Over the 3 day weekend I decided I was going to write a simple Android application to publish to the Android App Market to find out a few things.  First, I wanted to see if I could do it, write an app with some kind of simple functionality quickly.  Secondly, I wanted to see what the process for publishing to the Android App Market was like.  We hear all the time about how Apple disapproves apps, and kicks apps out of the market (sometimes almost, it would seem, randomly).

I’m happy to say that I was successful.  I wrote a simple rotation cipher application (rotation cipher is also commonly known as the Caesar Cipher).  It took me a grand total of maybe 4 hours to write the code (most of it spent on getting the UI just right), and then literally 15 minutes to publish it to the App Market.  The moment I hit the “Publish” button, I was able to open the Android App Market on my phone, do a search, and find my app.  Now that’s quick.

If you want to download and mess with my app, but I promise is not really something to write home about, you can use the QR code below, or goto the AppBrain page directly.


I’ve also open sourced the code at GitHub

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2 Responses to Rotation Cipher – My First Android App

  1. Jose Basilio says:

    Congrats on the app. What language did you use?

  2. Michael Koby says:

    I used Java. You can scope the source code over on my GitHub account. But
    it's not an overly complicated app. I was more interested in the process
    for publishing an app to the Android Market, than the app itself.

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