Follow up: iPhone NOT a Threat to RIM

Earlier today I posted an article that talked about why the iPhone, with its new enterprise features and development kit, was not a threat to Research In Motion and their BlackBerry devices.  You can read the article entitled, iPhone NOT a Threat to RIM.

I wrote that article before this past weekend which saw some interesting developments occur surround the iPhone’s SDK.  For starters, the SDK is extremely limited.  One main downside is that applications developed by third parties can not run in the background and are required by the SDK’s terms of service to completely exit out.  This includes when the phone rings while in an application.  Also, third party applications are limited in how they can write data to the device in that they can only write to their allocated space.  Access to the rest of the device is cut off.

These are just two of the main flaws in the SDK.  If you would like a more complete list, read iPhone Developer Program is a Joke by Zac Bowling.  In this article there is a list of the limitations placed on third party developers.

Also, over the weekend thousands of people received letters from the developer program stating basically “thanks, but no thanks” in regards to their iPhone Development applications.  This is the application to get your application into the Apps Store on the iPhone and iPod Touch.  So basically, Apple is being selective on who they are accepting into the store as well.

Both of these issues further prove that RIM and BlackBerry devices have little to fear from the iPhone’s third party development abilities.  The ability to connect to Microsoft Exchange email servers will certainly cause a small increase in the number of users but I think that it will be marginal at best.

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