Running Compiz Fusion

I made the switch from Beryl to Compiz-Fusion just now.  Overall I like the fact that I have some of my favorite Beryl plugins in Compiz and that there is finally a Compiz Settings Manager so that I can easily set up the plugins to my liking.

Though I find it lacking at the moment.  There seem to be some minor issues with some things.  Like for example, if I set the “Rotate Cube on Mouse Button2” setting, it will go into “rotate mode” any time I press the middle mouse button.  Even if I’m trying to just open a web link in a new tab.  Really annoying.  Also I do not like the new “Rotate Cube” plugin,  it seems slower than Beryl and I get massive frame rate drops (30fps from 75) where in Beryl I got none.  Seems to me that while improvements have been made, some things have been made worse.

I understand that this is still fairly “alpha” as far as release goes, but Beryl was fairly solid and I had very few issues with it.  Hopefully they can get the kinks worked out by the time Ubuntu Gusty Gibbons comes out

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