EMI Reports DRM-Free Sales are Doing Well

According to an article over at Ars Technica, EMI is reporting that the initial sales of DRM-Free tracks on iTunes have been good.  This is great news for DRM-Free music.

If the sales continue to do well, more labels might follow suit and that would be fantastic.  I know personally there have been a few albums I was willing to purchase off of iTunes but they were not from EMI so the were not DRM-Free.  This made me consider getting a new eMusic account so that I could get the albums DRM-Free.   I am pretty sure I am not the only one making a decision like this.  Having DRM-Free music is important to me, especially more so since I am using Linux as my primary operating system.

Congrats to EMI for taking such a leap, I am glad it is working out.  Having the customer’s best interest in mind is always going to be rewarded with good sales.

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