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Get Your Reading On: Audiobooks

Earlier this week we took a look at reading books via email and RSS feeds. Today, we are going to look at something a little more friendly on the eyes, audiobooks. I say “friendly on the eyes” because it doesn’t really require your eyes so much as it requires a good set of ears and some earphones or speakers. Audiobooks have been around for a while in some form or another. There was “Books on Tape” then we graduate to “Books on CD” and now with iPods, there is digital audiobooks. There are a couple of sites that sell audiobooks online and we’re going to look at several of them in this article. Continue reading

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Get Your Reading On: DailyLit.com

This is where DailyLit.com comes into play. DailyLit.com makes reading on a daily basis a snap. You simply sign up for an account (they will send you a registration verification), pick the book (or books you want to get in your email, and the next day you begin reading the books you’ve always wanted to read. Continue reading

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Getting Your Reading On (Introduction)

Over the next week few days or so, we will take a look at things like digital audiobooks, eBooks (and eBook readers), ways to read books via email and RSS, and we will even look at a couple of social networking sites that are centered around reading. There is a lot out there in technology when it comes to reading and expanding one’s mind. Join me as we take a look at some of that technology. Continue reading

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