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Mp3 Tagging Best Practices

The phrase “best practices” gets thrown around a lot in IT (Information Technology). You have best practices for programming, server configuration, SOA, and even software installation. There are best practices for other things like cooking, organizing, and cleaning. So today we are going to take a look at some of the best practices that I use when tagging and organizing my digital music. Some of these go against other “best practices” for tagging that you might find on the internet, but everyone has their preferences and you are not stuck to listening to just me. Continue reading

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Power of Information #64

This week on the Power of Information, Derek, Suzy, and I discuss Apple entering the movie rental business, Sony/BMG dropping DRM, Bill Gate’s new toy (the Microsoft Surface), and Warner Bros. going with Blu-Ray exclusively. Michael also talks about why today’s music might not sound as good as you think. All this and more on this week’s Power of Information. Continue reading

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RockBox on My Sansa

This past weekend, I took the plunge and installed RockBox onto my Sansa e280 (8GB).  After fighting with my Vista PC and the RockBoxUtil (used for simple button click install), I finally switch over to my company provided Dell laptop … Continue reading

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