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(Updated) iTunes DRM Free Music Now a Reality

Today, Apple has released iTunes version 7.2 which includes the iTunes Plus feature. The iTunes Plus feature is the DRM free tracks from participating labels (currently only EMI). The DRM free tracks cost 30 cents more ($1.29) and are encoded at a higher bit rate (256 vs 128). Continue reading

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Death of DRM?

There seems to be a
lot of talk about the
“death of DRM” or
digital rights. You
know, that technology
that only lets you play
songs bought from
certain stores on
certain devices? Over
the past couple of
weeks, technology
sites are writing
articles talking about
the possible removal
of digital rights
management software
and how the major
record labels are
looking at selling non-
DRMed music tracks.
The reason for this
line of thinking, has a
lot to do with an
essay written by
Apple’s own Steve
Jobs. Continue reading

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Watermark Instead of DRM

I had a thought while driving into work this morning.  I’m sure others have thought about it, but why don’t the recording and movie industries look at digitally watermarking digital download purchases. Think about it.  Digitally encrypt either at the … Continue reading

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Watermark Instead of DRM

A new company named, Streamburst, is looking to try something new in the world of downloadable media, specifically movies. Their idea, watermarking. Instead of utilizing digital rights management (DRM), users instead are treated to a 5 second introduction to each … Continue reading

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Sneaky DRM

If you browse any of the major technology websites of today, you probably notice a recurring theme among the users. If you look closely you will see that most of the people who frequent several technology sites have a mad … Continue reading

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Bill Gates on DRM

TechCrunch is running an article on what Microsoft’s Chief Architect thinks of DRM. Here are some bits from the article and my take on them. Gates didn’t get into what could replace DRM, but he did give some reasonably candid … Continue reading

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