Watermark Instead of DRM

I had a thought while driving into work this morning.  I’m sure others have thought about it, but why don’t the recording and movie industries look at digitally watermarking digital download purchases.

Think about it.  Digitally encrypt either at the beginning or the end of a file a watermark that tells someone where a download was purchased from and the username of the purchaser.  This would in effect, make it a little difficult to break since the watermark would utilize digital encryption and if files showed up on P2P networks, the RIAA would be able to sue the party responsible for the uploads.

Yes, the watermark method could be hacked just as easily as the Fairplay DRM has been cracked, but really it is such a small percentage of people actually stripping the DRM from their iTunes purchases that it should not matter in long run.  Also, I think that those removing the DRM would not go out of their way to remove the watermark because they can play the file on all their computers and all their portable devices, which is really the reason people were stripping the DRM in the first place.

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