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The Issue of Gay Marriage

Earlier this week, California made it completely legal for gay folks to get married.  All nice and legal like.  Basically, I hate this idea, this concept, etc.  Many people are going to flame me righteous for saying so, but you … Continue reading

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Presidential Cadnidates & Their Pastors [Video]

This week’s video I call into question the uproar over the presidential canidates and the things their pastor(s) say. Really folks, there are real issues to consider. Why are we focused on something as trivial as this? Continue reading

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Christmas Time is Here

Everyone remembers those famous lines from the Charlie Brown Christmas Special that airs every year on TV. It is the opening song and lyrics to that special where everyone’s favorite loser discovers the true meaning of Christmas. And yes I … Continue reading

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Why the Christian Music Industry Gets it Wrong

In today’s Christian market music is divided into two types: Secular and Christian. With this kind of seperation it is often easy for a Christian parent to dictate what is ok for their children to listen to and what is … Continue reading

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