Stop Being Lukewarm

This past weekend, the pastor at my church introduced the new series they’ll be doing over the next few weeks. The crux of the sermon was the part in the Bible where God tells people “because you were neither hot nor cold, because you were lukewarm, I will spit your from My mouth” meaning that God doesn’t like people who ride the middle, you’re either for Him or against Him.

It got me to thinking and it hit me later that this shouldn’t just apply to your relationship with God (though that is important), but it can and should apply in all aspects of your life. Stop riding the middle, stop making excuses, and do something about it.

Wanna lose weight? Stop complaining about being overweight and start running. Wanna launch a business? Stop thinking about all the things it will do and start making it do one of them. Just one. That’s all you need to start with. Wanna write book? Wanna make movie? Wanna write a song? Stop thinking about it. Stop making excuses. Stop starting sentences with “when I…” and begin starting them with “I am going to…” because anything else is just daydreaming.

The message my pastor was trying to express to his congregation was “start going all in for God.” And it’s an important message. What I want you to do is, start going a little in* on whatever it is you want to do. Because a little in, leads to a little more in, and then a little more, and so on.

They say the journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step. Take the first one. The thing about taking things one step at a time is that if you take the wrong one, you didn’t go too far down the wrong road.

* You can’t go “all in for God” and then go “all in for yourself” as that conflicts a bit. Point is: Stop making excuses, and get it done.

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