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Over the last couple of months I have been working on moving all of my personal projects over to Git based source control.  I have moved all of my source code to GitHub.  The reason I did this was because I had been hearing a lot of good things about Git, I was tired of using Subversion, and I figured if the Linux Kernel developers were using it then I should give it some consideration.

I like the concepts of Git, especially the whole “distributed” concept that is one of its main selling points (even if I didn’t understand 100% of the time what it meant).  But what I’ve really come to love about Git is the fact that it really allows you to do what’s called “branch per feature” when developing code.  There are some other nice features that make working with Git so much better than working with Subversion, even in a more corporate environment.  The downside to Git is the lack of graphical tools for the Windows users.  The most powerful tool for Git is it’s command line.  While tools like TortoiseGit do exist, there is still more power in using the command line.

But if you are interested in Git, I have collected some Git resources here below for you.

Git Website – The Git website.  This contains the latest Git source downloads, a free “getting started” book, and other information about Git.

Git For Windows – This wonderful series from Los Techies, is a must read for any windows developer looking to get started with Git.

Git: Your New Best Friend – This is another nice intro to Git that will walk you through several key Git concepts.

GitHub Guides – These guides range from beginners level to more advanced topics.  There are also a couple of GitHub specific guides here.  If you’re looking to get started with Git, you’ll need a Git repository and you can get one at GitHub.

Git Cheatsheet – A nice Git Cheatsheet

Pro Git Book – This is a complete online book, it is also available for purchase.  If you find value in using the online edition, please support the author and buy the book.

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