iPhone 3Gs Fails to Impress

The damage is done.  The latest Apple keynote is over and while some nifty announcements were made around Macs & OSX, I was most interested in the iPhone announcements.  First the good new.  If you’re waiting for the iPhone OS 3.0 to come out. you’ve only got to wait 10 days.

Now the bad.  Apple announced a new iPhone.  The iPhone 3G[S] (the ‘S’ stands for “speed” apparently).  The major differences between the 3G[S] and the current 3G models are the following

  • Faster processor
  • Faster data speeds
  • Digital Compass
  • 3 megapixel camera
  • Voice Commands
  • Video recording support

So the new processor, faster data speeds, compass, and cameras are all hardware based.  But why on earth would you deny current customers the ability to use voice commands and video recording.  The current model iPhones can already handle video.  If you have jailbroken your iPhone, simply install the Qik app to see what I’m talking about.  Not only does the Qik app record video, but it streams it too.  And my last 3 phones (2 of which were not smart phones) had voice commands so it can’t possibly take that much processing power to utilize.

I understand Apple wants to entice people to upgrade, but those are some lame features to try and entice users into upgrading to the new iPhone.  It’s not the same as going from the iPhone to the iPhone 3G where there was considerable upgrades to the phone’s abilities.  I guess what will really sell me on the new iPhone 3G[S] is the apps that utilize the compass and video camera.  What got me to jump from a BlackBerry to the iPhone was the apps.  So if I can be shown convincing apps for the new iPhone hardware, then I can be swayed, but as it stand right now.  I’m not impressed and see zero reason to upgrade.

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