Buying an HDTV: Wrap-up

Over the past few weeks, we’ve look at a lot of different things revolving around purchasing a high definition television.  We looked at LCD and Plasma technologies to help you better understand the differences between the two.  We also looked at what the difference between 720 and 1080 and how it can effect your viewing experience.  These are probably two of the biggest pieces in making a decision regarding what HDTV you will buy.

Once you get the television, you will need to find content to display on it.  We discussed various HD content and what is and isn’t 1080p.  Buying a high definition television and not using it to watch high definition content is essentially a complete waste of money.  I highly recommend that you upgrade your cable/satellite box & service or looking into receiving over-the-air (OTA) high definition broadcasts via a digital tuner and high definition antenna.

Finally we looked at the kinds of cables that you can connect to your HDTV.  Since different cables can transmit different kinds of content, it is important to note what cables will bring you high definition versus those that will not.

Overall, you should have enough information to be able to start really researching various televisions and accessories.  I have not covered doing surround sound in this series as I wanted to focus more on the video (since that’s a large part of the HD experience).  Also, doing home theatre surround sound can be just as complex as picking the television to watch and really requires its own series of articles (we will not be covering that next).

Buying an HDTV Series Article List:


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