Austin CodeCamp 2008

Random ACC08 ShotThis past weekend I attended Austin CodeCamp 2008.  My first true “geek meeting” and I have to say, a ton of fun.  I got to see a co-worker present, talk to other developers, and really be engrossed in something I thoroughly enjoy.

I learned a lot of stuff and took a lot of notes (which I have photoed and uploaded to EverNote).  Once I figure out how to share things via EverNote, I’ll post a link to my notes.  For those interested, I attended the following sessions:

  • Development Patterns Cage Match by Scott Lilly (notes taken)
  • Principles of Object Oriented Design by John Teague & Mahendra Mavani (notes taken)
  • From Minefield to Greenfield: Taming the Legacy Beast by Jimmy Bogard (notes taken)
  • Reshaper-Fu by Ben Scheirman (more demonstration and discussion, no notes)
  • Sarbanes Oaxley Proofing Your SDLC by Josh Handel (notes taken but not uploaded)
  • Practical Uses for LINQ by Josh Handel (more demonstration, no notes)

Ben Scheirman talks ResharperHopefully I didn’t get anyone’s blog link wrong (if I did let me know and I’ll correct it ASAP).  All in all the experience was great and I’d totally do it again.  One thing I need to do though is be more social.  I truely suck a being social around a bunch of people I don’t know.  I don’t ask about them, their interests, and what they work on.  Need to get better at that.

If you’re looking for some pictures, the rest are on my Flickr page in the Austin CodeCamp 2008 set.

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  3. I also attended this kinds of meetings to learn few things about marketing and strategies, but also I had problem with socializing with other people, I think I'm better off to be just in front of my computer and work alone.. but its fun to learn with other people as well..

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