Comment Issues

I was informed this morning that some folks were having issues with commenting on my blog.  Some even thought that comments were disabled.

This is probably due to the fact that I am using Disqus to handle the comments on my blog.  There was a recent posting on the Disqus blog about some growning pains they’ve been experiencing lately.

So if you do not see the comment section on a post, trying doing a refresh on the page.  This usually resolves the problem and you can comment.

A little sidenote though, I was informed of the issues through Twitter and I replied to the peple point out the problem and told them I was using Disqus and that it was probably due to their growning pains.  Right after sending that message I got a reply from Daniel Ha asking if I was having trouble.  Daniel Ha is one of the founders of Disqus.  So points for the customer service.

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