Consulting Consultants

Before I went on extended hiatus back in late October, I had started a weekly series entitled "Consulting Consultants" which was one part commentary and one part "how-to" on consulting.  Since at the time I had just started working for a consulting firm I figured it would be a good place to output thoughts on the subject on consulting, being a consultant, and general help to those just starting out in the field like I was.  It is now March and I have not written on the series in quite some time.  While I am by no means an expert in the field I do feel that I can offer perspective as someone new to the field.

This post is to announce the revival of this series for the purpose of getting some of my weekly series started back up.  We will start with the Consulting Consultant series because I have a page in my notebook of post ideas for the series.  As I work to get this series back on track, I will then look at reviving my "Songs & Such" series.

So starting next Friday, you will begin seeing a new Consulting Consultant’s post every Friday.  Check back for more on the world of consulting.

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