Why I Blog

Darren Rowse, of ProBlogger has put a survey up on his website today asking “Why Do You Blog?” and while I answered “For Business” it made me think about why I blog. I think that if you are going to blog you need a reason and as I told me daughter today, “Because is not a reason” so why is it that I blog? I’m sure there are several readers that have been reading this site long enough to know that there has been more than one “format” change since this blog started around 19 months ago. The blog started out as commentary, reviews, and general thoughts from yours truly but it eventually evolved into Technology instruction, lyric interpretations, and even my coming up as a fresh new consultant as I got my new day job. In October some serious life events occurred that caused me to take a break from blogging and re-evaluate. While I still enjoy blogging, I’m not so hung up on having 5-6 posts a week. One, it was killing me and two, it was taking time away from things that were more important.

The reason I blog, is now more about commentating on the world around me. Since technology is my business (both on and off my day job), it stands to reason that I have a lot to say on the subject. I use my blog to commentate on what I read and see. Hopefully there are people that agree that read my blog and will either use something I said to further their point of view with someone or just have a link to someone that agrees with them. I know there are people that disagree and that is okay too. People that disagree offer insight and can teach me about other viewpoints that are not my own. But there is another reason for my blogging, and that reason revolves around the radio show that I co-host, Power of Information. I use this blog as a way to supplement some of the things we talk about on the radio show. We have 45-ish minutes to talk about a lot of stuff and not everything gets covered like I would want it to. So, I blog to help supplement the stories when those kinds of things happen, and it’s all searchable via the PowerSearch on the Power of Information website (http://www.powerofinformation.net/).

Head on over to ProBlogger and tell them why you blog. I’m interested to see just what the results will be. The number one spot right now is held by the “For Money” crowd. Is everyone really in it just for the money? What about community? What about the sharing of knowledge? What about the massive internet conversation? Money might make the world go round, but there is only so much of it.


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