Goodbye Adsense

Yep, that’s right, I have gotten rid of Adsense.  This is for a multitude of reasons but the primary one is that after over 1 year, I have only earned a small amount.  This is probably due to the lack of distinct focus on my website, but there is no reason to have them if they are not earning.

Also, my page view numbers are not high and this is probably also the reason.  I have decided that until I can justify having ads on my website that I will not use Adsense.  You will see some smaller ads placed around the site, but none of them are going to be intrusive.

If my viewership goes up, I might consider bringing back advertising on the site, but I felt that it wasn’t making me enough that I could justify subjecting my readers to them.  In some cases the ads were not even relevant.

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