Ethics of Spying

So what do you do when someone close to you has been lying to you for months on end?  You know from the way they are acting that they are hiding more.  And you know that there is stuff to find out if only you are willing to take the appropriate steps.  How far should you go and what is considered crossing the line.

Some would argue that since they have been lying for a long time and you know they are hiding something else from you that it is completely alright to go the distance and spy on them.  Others would tell you that “two wrongs do not make a right” and they would have point.  Just because they are hiding something is not necessarily give you the right to go snooping.  What is a person to do?  You can spy on the person, but what if you find something?  This means a confrontation is likely and it usually leads to questions like “How did you get my password?” or “What makes you think you have the right to do that?” Then you have to explain your actions before they will even look at your “evidence” which is honestly nothing more than a pain.

But what if you really do find something?  Something that is worth a confrontation is almost certainly going to make them not really want to tell you about anything you find.  Not easily anyway.  And sometimes, what you find is not always what you seem.  So you have to tread lightly with what you might find.  You have to do research, make sure that what you find is what you need it to be before you go running off at the mouth.  However, the basic reaction of the person you are spying on is going to be to downplay anything you might find.  They will usually say something like “it was just a joke.  Not meant to be taken seriously.”

So what are the exact ethics of spying?  I believe there are no true rules when it comes to this.  It is completely dependent on the situation that you are in or that the person you are spying on has created.  Just know that the line to cross is very thin and once you cross it, there will be repercussions not matter how large or small.

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