iTunes/iPod Tips & Tricks: Recap

We have completed our series on “iTunes/iPods Tips & Tricks” and we learned how to do many nifty things with both our iPods and with iTunes. If you missed any part of this Almost, Not Yet technology series, you can find links to every article below.

iPod as a Hard Drive
Contacts & Calendar
Track Options
Other Cool Options (Sorting & Lyrics)
iTunes Automatic Organization

I hope that you find some useful tips that you can utilize for your iPod/iTunes experience. For more great tips for iPod and iTunes be sure to check out iLounge, they are a great resource for any iPod owner.

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  2. Brandon says:

    Hey I find your ipod/itunes tricks VERY VERY USEFUL!!!I will be sharing some of my smartplaylists ideas and will definitely make great use of some of yours!

  3. free ipod says:

    some help full document for the ipod how store data and images like

  4. Cool – i am going to forward this onto my wife – I bought her an Ipod for using at the gym these is going to be very useful. Ta

  5. Cool – great tips and links and a really cool website. I am going to bookmark you now.

  6. HelloUsing the ipod as a hard drive is something I hadn't even thought of. Saves me having to use a memory stick and lets me carry documents really easy.

  7. HiThanks for the tips. I am going to send the link onto my eldest daughter although I bet she is ahead of me already.

  8. these are really very useful thanks for this

  9. what a great list with cool tips on it. I am going to stumble this and add it to my spurl favorites.

  10. shutters says:

    Thanks for posting these, it will make my life much easier and quicker.

  11. free slots says:

    Thanks for posting these links. Very informative and useful.

  12. will be sharing some of my smartplaylists ideas and will definitely make great use of some of yours!

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