Changing the World

It seems a lot of people wish the world would change. Be it the geek who wants the RIAA or MPAA to understand that piracy does not really hurt their business, the intellectual who thinks the president is an idiot, or the average joe who things Washington should worry more about a particular issue. They wall want the world to change, and they usually want it to change into some image they have in their heads.

We have democrats and republicans battling over who can run this country better. We have hackers wanting to crack that latest DVD encryption scheme. There are the content makers wanting to make it harder for the consumer to purchase their product or use it their liking.

Everyone is fighting and it seems to be that corporations are doing most of the winning. Consumers are being told that these new changes to the product and laws are “to protect the content makers” but no one it seems is protecting the consumers. Suer, the Electronic Frontier Foundation is making some headway in this. But they can only do so much. In the end the consumer eventually needs to speak with their wallets.

drm.pngI digress though. Really, it seems that everyone is starting blogs, movements, trying the spread the information that best serves their interests. And while that is all well and good for the most part, it does come with its own set of problems. For example, I can type many an article on the evils of DRM, or some on the importance of using free software (and I have). The flip side to that is the fact that it is nothing more than words on the monitor. It serves no other action. People are doing a lot of talking but no one is coming up with solutions.

I do not have the answers. Believe me, I wish I did. I do think that the corporations need to work with consumers. Politicians should work with the people they serve. And geeks should help those that lack comprehension, to understand the changing digital world we all live in. I think that education is the key to getting everyone working together. Only through informing those that do not understand, can we help to begin changing things. People need to understand the reason for the change before they can campagin for it.

Will you work to educate those that do not know?

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