Anti-Homeschooling aka Ignorance is Bliss (I Guess)

I can always count on Digg to point me at something I can commentate on.  For this week’s commentary, I want to look at this diatribe against home schooling.

For starters, I was home schooled for my last three years of high school.  Three years before that, I was enrolled in small community based private school.  And to top it all off I was in public schools from elementary to middle school.  So I was actively involved in all three of the most popular forms of education.  I met people that I work with while home schooling.  I met my “life long” friend in middle school.  I still talk to people I went to elementary school with.

More after the jump… The little rant in question, states that homeschooling can lead to children being anti-social.  I am far from what someone would consider anti-social.  I was certainly a little anti-social, but that had nothing to do with school and everything to do with hobbies.  I was smart most of the people I hung out with up until high school, were not.  Sure, they could return a punt for a touchdown, but you’d be hard pressed to get them to explain to you the concept of reading comprehension.  For me personally, I became more sociable because I was home schooled.  I know some people might find that shocking, but it is true.  The reason was is because not everyone that is homeschooled, is homeschooled because their parents are extreme, right wing, ultra-conservative, Christians.  In fact some people were home schooled because the public education system did not know how to handle them.  Their level of intelligence far exceeded those that were teaching them.  These people can interact with any social group they find.  They can relate to many people on many levels.  These are the kind of people I met while home schooling.

Also, homeschooling does not need to be anti-social.  In fact many larger metropolitan areas have homeschooling organizations that contain people that teach things like math, science, or even literature to a “class” of children.  I had a few such classes, in which I met my radio co-host and best friend.  I also met several others that I regularly hang out with and even work with.

It really bugs me that in the 21st century, home schooling is still looked at as something the leads to anti-social behavior.  Truth is, that kind of behavior has very little to do with how the child is educated and has everything to do with the child as an individual.  The child’s behavior is also largely affected by how the parents raise that child.  If that child is taught that any idea, concept, or thought that their parents do not agree with is wrong, this will severely hinder the child when socializing with others, especially if those “others” were not brought up in a similar manner as the child in question.

Are people going to continue to look at homeschooling  as simply the choice of the extreme Christians?  Will it ever become something that people do not give a dirty look to when someone mentions it?  This is stuff that was happening when I was being homeschooled.  Almost ten years ago now.  Have we really not come any further in 10 years?

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