I Was Going to Switch to Compiz But…

I was going to switch from Beryl to Compiz today.  The reason being because Beryl was originally a fork of Compiz and they are now merging the Beryl stuff back into Compiz.  Downside is though, while Compiz might be more the more stable of the two, it is the most difficult to set up and configure.

All the configuration has to be done directly insideo of gconf-editor (a regedit like program for Gnome).  That makes the Compiz very much not ready for prime time.  I like the stuff I can do in Beryl and while some people might think it’s non-useful, I have found some practical uses for a lot of the Beryl plugins, mainly because I only have a single monitor at the moment.

So until Compiz gets an easy configuration tool, similar to Beryl’s I will not be switching.

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