Beryl Issues Worked Out (Possibly)

While I was preforming my morning checks on the internet (calendar, email, bank account, etc), my GUI did it’s normal freezing thing (which I have actually gotten to happen less). But before I could consider rebooting the box, it closed the Beryl window manager and reverted back to Metacity (the Gnome default window manager). SWEET! That is exactly what it should do.

So, hopefully this means that I’ve got the issues with Beryl worked out. I do not mind the occasional crash, but I hate having to reboot my PC because I can not even get to a terminal or tty to kill the process. I like the fact that it reverts back to another window manager, which means I can always switch back to Beryl later. Anytime I have to reboot my computer is definitely a “for the lose” situation.

I forgot to include where I got the help on the issue.  It seems that going to the source can be helpful,  I performed a few “tips” from the Beryl Wiki, in the Troubleshooting section.  Specifically running the following in a terminal window.

“beryl –indirect-rendering –strict-binding”

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