Apple Getting Ready to Offer Subscription Service?

The good folks over at Media Biz, seem to be in the know.  They just wrote a nice article on Apple readying a subscription service for its iTunes Store.

I have discussed my desire for iTunes to get a subscription service on here before.  So my opinion on this subjet is quite known (assuming you read this website of course).  However, I will restate it here just so you do not need to click a link.  I am all for iTunes getting a subscription service.  The ability to constantly try new music is quite attractive to me since I get bored listening to the same tunes over and over again.

The thing about subscription models is that they only work for certain type of people.  There are people like me, who want to try new music on a regular basis and they we want to try before we buy.  The other group are people who do not feel like ripping their very small music collection to the computer when they can just download and fill up their device for a small monthly fee.  Subscription services are not for everybody, hence the reason that a lot of other subscription based services have not done so well.

If Apple gets a subscription service, you can count me in when it comes time to sign up.

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