The Beatles & iTunes

Rumors abound that EMI and Apple are going to make announcement today, those same rumors have them announcing the availability of Beatles music on iTunes.  We have heard this rumor many times before now, and if this does not happen today, I am sure we are bound to hear it some more until it actually happens.

Why is it so important to get the songs by the Fab Four onto iTunes or in any digital distribution format?  Probably because once the Beatles can be purchased and downloaded digitally, it will give the digital distribution of media the final sign off.  The Beatles are looked at as the best band to ever grace a stage in this world.  They changed the music industry forever.  Matt Slocum (formally) of Sixpence None the Richer once said “Before the Beatles, most musicians did not write their own music.  After the Beatles, no self-respecting musician would admit to not writing their own tunes.”  That’s a pretty accurate quote.  While I will admit to not overly loving the Beatles, I respect what they did for music.  If the Beatles rights holders allow for the music to be distributed via digital distribution, then that would be the final embrace that digital distribution needs.   I mean, if the Beatles are doing it, then everyone should be doing it.

I really think that is the reason that the Beatles music going digital is such a big deal.  Do you have any thoughts on this?  Leave a comment.

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