Girlfriend by Avril Lavinge

So I just finished listening to the new Avril single “Girlfriend” and watching the video for the song.  I am really curious as to who’s idea it was to put her in short shorts, fishnets, and even make her look like Ashley Simpson at some points.

This song is pretty much so not what I would expect from her.  The chorus is catchy so the pop angle is there, but I am still really confused by it all.  I am not sure who produced this exact track, but if this is the result of her new husband producing her songs, my opinion is that she stops letting him anywhere near her music.

The downside, is that this could be just the single to promote the record and the rest of the songs are going to be nothing like this, but it would seem to me that Avril has offically entered “the machine” only to come out on the other side something that is completely unlike what she seems to have started out as.

Over all, I am not impressed with this track but I will withhold final judgement until the full album is released and I can hear the song in context.

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