Are We Ready for Female President

Hillary Rodham Clinton has announced the formation of a Presidential exploratory committee. Her intention is to be nominated and to run for President of the United States for 2008 presidential elections. If nominated, Mrs. Clinton will be the first female to be nominated by a major party for president.

As Republican, I recognize that this announcement could eventually lead to something ground breaking. However, as a Republican, I have severe issues with the Clinton family. I believe that a woman could be president, I believe that a woman could even be a successful president. We have female representatives and female senators, so why not a female president?

Why has there never been a female president before? I do not think there is a real answer to that question. I think a lot of it has to do with tradition. As much as people in this country like to change traditions that were in place for centuries, the unwritten rule of male-only presidents does not seem to be in any danger. At least not until now. I think that a qualified woman could in fact be something this country might need to kind of shake things up a little. A little outside of the box thinking might do wonders for this country.

Though, Hillary’s bid for president has a long way to go. There are party nominations, party primaries, and then finally the actual presidential election. I think that first and foremost, we should get away from the Clinton/Bush swapping idea. To go from Clinton to Bush and back to a Clinton, seems a little odd to me. I also think that all those third party supporters should get their wish for one term, let us see how badly a third party president can screw the country up. Heck, it seems to be everyone’s opinion anyway that each president just screws things up more.

What do the readers think? Are we ready for a female president?

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