Nintendo DS

I have made the switch. Today during my lunch break, I went and traded my Sony PSP and all its games for a Nintendo DS Lite Onyx. I did not get the “New Super Mario Bros.” game that I wanted (Game Crazy was out of stock), but I got “Lego Star Wars II” so I do not feel like I made out badly. I’m really excited about this trade off.

onyxDSWhy did I switch? Two reasons, first, I was hardly playing my PSP and that’s an expensive system to have just sitting around. Two, I wanted something with games that my child can play and the DS has a bunch of those. If the DS does not have something, the Game Boy Advance probably does. Also, I already own an iPod with Video so I have that for music, movies, and photos.

I think that the PSP is a better system overall. You can do more with it. But I wanted a system to play games on and the PSP lacks in that area and has since it was released. The DS has a large library of games already and on top of that I can use Game Boy Advance games as well so the library of available games that are playable on the DS, are huge. Plus, I will eventually buy myself a Wii for the house and the DS is going to work well with that.

Anyone else switch from the PSP to DS? If so, why did you switch? Do you own a PSP and do not plan on getting rid of it? Tell us why.

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