PayPerPost Debate

PayPerPost, is an advertising network that has a small twist. Instead of putting ads on your website or blog, PayPerPost works to “hire” you to write about a product, website, or service for an advertiser. Thus making your posts little sales pitches (in an ideal world). A nice way for a blogger to make some cash.

However, there seems to be this idea among the blogsphere that being paid to write about something is, for lack of a better word, taboo. The idea that a blogger would take money to write about something is, to most people, atrocious. But I fail to understand why this idea has perpetuated throughout the internet. People get paid to write and talk about stuff all the time, why should bloggers be left out? Talk radio people are paid to say certain things on the air, magazine editors largely edit their content to help their advertisers, and news programs talk about stuff all the time.

I think that somewhere along the line, the blogsphere as a whole decided that to be paid to post about something was unclean and tainted those that did it. Am I the only one that sees being paid to post about certain things as being okay? I mean lets look at PayPerPost’s website, right under the “Bloggers” image, is a line that says “Disclosure Required” as well as the statement “…earn cash for providing your opinion…” which tells me that right off the bat nothing wrong is occurring here. As long as a blogger 1) has the right to refuse to post about a particular thing, 2) can give their honest opinion (so if they do not like something they can say so), and 3) fully discloses that they were paid to write about the topic in question, I see very little wrong with this set up.

I will admit, I got into blogging for two reasons, the second of which was to earn a little bit of extra money. However, I also knew going in that I would not make a ton of money right off the bat and it would take time to build readership that would turn into income. I have no desire to sign up for PayPerPost at this time, and probably never will. Not because I see it as immoral but simply because I think that they would require a lot more effort into the posts than I can give at this point and time.

Is the idea of being paid to write about certain things really that bad of an idea? Do you have an opinion on this debate? Leave a comment.

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