Telecommuting and Kids

Like most bloggers, I have a day job. A nine to fiver that pays the bills. Because my boss is cool, I am allowed to telecommute on regular basis. Telecommuting is great, I save on gas and my office is right down the hall. The downside to telecommuting is that my daughter does not understand that daddy is at home, but daddy can not play right now. I love my daughter to death and would love nothing more than to play with her all day, but if I do not show solid productivity I can lose the telecommuting privileges.

So how does one handle this issue effectively without completely turning your kids away. Fortunately the Web Worker Daily has an excellent article on just this issue. Some great tips from how to handle the door to your office, explaining the situation to your customers, and making it your children’s office too.

[via] Lifehacker

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