Google vs. Technorati

TechCrunch is running a story on how, according to Hitwise, Google BlogSearch is beating out Technorati for blog searches. I’m ignoring the Comscore aspect of the article due to Comscore’s apparent inaccurate data.

The funny thing about this article is that again, according to Hitwise, Google pulled in .0025% of total internet traffic versus Technorati’s .0023%. Now I find that basing traffic reports on sites that are pulling in less than an actual percent of all internet traffic a little ridiculous, but that is probably just me.

Personally, I think Google is going to win by default since most people hit Google up for searching. And since Google has integrated blog searching into its search engine, it is of course going to pull better numbers.

Looks like Hitwise is just stating the obvious to me.

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