My Side Doesn’t Get It

It appears as though Fox News is prepping a news satire show in the vein of The Daily Show with Jon Stewert. Their idea stems from the fact that the Daily Show skews the political right. So Fox News feels that to be fair and balaced they need to produce a show that skews the political left.

Here is what the political right does not get about the Daily Show. First and formost, The republicans have been in power of the White House for 6 years now and they have had control of the House and Senate for probably somewhere around 8 years. What this means is that the republicans have been in the political front for that long. They are in power and therefore they are an easy target. I expect this to change in January when the Democrats offically take over the House and Senate and begin their new sessions. Secondly, The Daily Show goes after everyone. The point of the show is that no one is off limits.

The Daily Show does not “pick on” the political right in fact Jon Stewert and company have no real love for either side and pick on both sides pretty equally when they can. When you have a ton of scandals on one side for a month or two, well guess what, that’s the first thing to get used for target practice.

I think the idea of creating a “right wing” version of the Daily Show is a bad idea and only serves to have both sides seperate more. While I agree that we need a two or three party system, I also believe that by causing giant rifts between the factions makes it incredibly difficult to get things accomplish for either side.

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