Blue Man Group

When it comes to concerts, I’ve seen a lot of them. I’ve seen Prince, Pushmonkey, Blue October, Korn, ZZ Top, and several others. If you were to ask me out of all the concerts I’ve seen, who has the best show, that answer has always been Prince. The man is just awesome to see live. No one, and I mean no one, can control a crowd like he can. No one has the stage presence he has, the authority over their band like he does. Even after Friday night’s concert by the Blue Man Group does my opinion of who puts on the best concert change. However, Blue Man Group gives Prince a good run for his money.

The show started off simple enough, the 3 guys dressed in all black with blue all over their faces come out and start banging on some pipes. About 15 minutes into the show the band kicks in and the show is on. The current concert tour is titled “How to Be A Megastar” and the whole “story” on the concert is based around this principle, including the faux infomercial that divides the show into various acts. The various rock movements tell the crowd what to do and what’s going on while at the same time we get to hear lessons from the “How to Be A Megastar” handbook talked about in the infomercial. Overall the concept is well done and since the guys in the Blue Man Group do not actually talk, the video and audio segments that lead the crowd and the group themselves only adds to the experience.

The thing that made the show very interesting was the use of text messages using what they were refering to as a “Mobkast”. The concept of the mobkast was the audience sent a text message to a certain number and then through out the show they were sent quiz questions along with “in the know” information about the show and the songs being preformed. In my opinion this added to the entertainment value of the show (it only cost $1.99 to sign up for the Mobkast so that it would not charge your phone for all the text messages) because you had to pay attention and there was a game to go with the show.

All in all, both my wife and I very much enjoyed the show and plan on taking our friends with us to the next one. If you have a chance to see this concert, I would encourage you to not hesitate in purchasing tickets.

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