Hello world!

Welcome to my personal blog. This website was originally going to be used for my music stuff but since that is currently and indefinatly on hold I’ve decided to make this my personal blogging site. Currently I’m using WordPress for the blog because I’m using Drupal on my family’s website at TheKobys.com. This should help me get more familiar with another popular blog software and expand my knowledge of such websites.

What can you expect from mkoby.com? The answer is simple. You’ll find stuff about technology since that’s the field I’m in. You’ll also find information on music such as CD reviews, concert updates/reviews, and band reviews. Also movie reviews will pop up shortly and anything else I deem worthy to discuss (it is my website after all).

I’m trying to make the this the stop for my person blogs and keep TheKobys.com the “family” website.

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