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Securing Your Digital World: Encryption (Part 1)

Lets review real quick. Passwords, check. Secure passwords, check. Preventing phishing, check. So by now you are secure right? Probably not completely. Here is a real quick question. Are you sending emails? Are you sending those emails via encrypted means? If no, then anyone can read your email. If you did not know, I will tell you now, emails are sent in clear text. That means that anyone who packet sniffs a network that your email is flying across, can read that email. Same is true for most instant messaging applications. Your messages are sent out in the open and anyone with the correct software can read them as if they were the one sending them. Continue reading

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Securing Your Digital World: Anti-Phishing Tools & Techniques

We spent the last few weeks going over password security. I showed you how to create secure passwords and how to keep track of them. Now that you have a secure password, it is incredibly difficult for someone to hack that password. That is true unless, of course, you give them your password willingly. This kind of thing can easily happen with a technique called “Phishing” which according to wikipedia is “a process by which a phisher attempts to fraudulently acquire sensitive information such as usernames and passwords.” Continue reading

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Securing Your Digital World: Password Safes

Last week, we had a nice long talk about passwords. We went over what why you would need a secure password and what exactly is a secure password. There were even some links to secure password generating websites. One of the major points of the last article was that you really should use a different secure password for each of your important websites. This means that you need to have quite a few hard to remember passwords. I mentioned a product known as a password safe. This is a nifty little application that will allow you to store your passwords in a single location. But is that unsecure? Well yes and no. Lets look into that real quick. Continue reading

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Securing Your Digital World: Passwords

When it comes to securing yourself in your little digital world, everything revolves around your passwords. Your passwords are the first and major line of defense in securing your personal data be it email, documents, or even your money. The problem is, most people have fairly unsecure passwords and as a result their “front lines” are weak and easily penetrable. So how do we create secure passwords? What makes a password “secure”? And how many passwords should you have? We will answer all of these very important questions in this article. Continue reading

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Wireless Security

Cable companies and DSL providers install them into customers’ houses on a daily basis. Most of these installs are being done with security implemented but a lot of people either uninstall the security settings or leave them at the very basic levels. Most of the time they are only interested in what makes their life easier. This can be very dangerous. Continue reading

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