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Question Your Government

A democracy in which the leaders do not fear their constituants (the citizenry) is not a democracy. Continue reading

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Gun Control – Lets Get Something Straight

There was big news today about the Senate voting against the right of concealed weapon license holders being able to carry their weapon across states (essentially turning a CHL into something resembling a driver’s license, in that a license granted in a single state is considered valid in another). While I’m not going to argue the right/wrong of the issue’s outcome, I wanted to point out something that really eerked me in a LA Times article on the subject (article here). Continue reading

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Socialize Health Care in the United States

Edited 2009-02-24 – A friend advised that I define exactly what I mean by “rich” so I added a note indicating it means anyone who makes more than $250,000/year. I realize that I’m in a fairly small minority when I … Continue reading

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America & Foreign Oil

Now that Obama has taken office, there is a lot of talk about what he’ll do with his energy policies.  One such thing that was said during his campaign (both my him and those that voted for him) is the … Continue reading

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Olbermann Kind of Misses the Point

While Keith goes to at great lengths to ask “why” someone would vote in favor of Proposition 8 I feel that he misses the point that people can vote however they want. There seems to be this growing sense in America where many people think “you can vote however you want as long as it furthers my point of view and if you fail to do that well than you’re a very mean/stupid/ignorant/raciest person” and to me this pretty much misses the point of voting entirely. Continue reading

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Allow Me to Clarify

I believe quite simply that “if man does not work, he shall not eat” and I do not believe in the idea of entitlement. I don’t believe that anyone is entitled to anything and that if you want to be rich, have more money, or a higher position that you have to work to achieve it. I don’t believe it should just be handed to you. Does that mean that this doesn’t happen? It does. Do I agree with it? Not really. Continue reading

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