LiveShow Ships

Ship it SquirrelYep,  today my partner Erick and I announced that LiveShow, the first Just for Bands app was ready for the world’s viewing.  It took a year’s worth of programming time at home after work and on weekends, learning a new programming language, learning a new web framework for writing web applications, designing a data model, and figuring out where the app should live.  But, it’s officially shipped as of today around 1:30pm.

What is LiveShow?  Simply, it’s a communication manager for bands that lets them track what band members are talking to what venues with regards to booking live shows (concerts, gigs, etc).  The idea was simplicity.  Get people in and out quickly so they can move on to other tasks.  No one wants to sit and organize communications, add things to a calendar, set reminders, and so on.  LiveShow does it automatically.  As the user logs a communication with a potential venue, LiveShow will automatically set a reminder and the user will be emailed about the follow up when it’s time.

This was my first time doing a project from the ground up and as the main technical person who was in charge of backend design, coding practices, and development tools used so I’ll be spending some time over the next few blog posts going talking about some of the decisions we made from a technical standpoint, so keep an eye out for those if you’re interested.  With this post, I officially enter the “start up” world, and become an entrepreneur.  Hopefully good times are ahead.

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