Beekin – All That’s Left Behind

Beekin - All That's Left BehindToday marks an important day for both a close personal friend of mine and myself.  The release of my friend’s band Beekin’s album entitled “All That’s Left Behind” is today.  Why you can probably see the immediate importance for my friend, you might be asking “why is this important for you, Michael?” and the answer is fairly simple.  With the release of this album I (officially) become a published songwriter.

I’ve known Erick, the lead singer for many (many) years, and one of the songs on this album is a hold over from a band we were in together years ago.  That song, “Traditional Thorn” sums up a lot of harsh feelings we were feeling towards the Christian music industry when it was written and is the direct result of the band being told they couldn’t play certain songs because they were “too loud” (this was back when the idea of Christian rock was still foreign to most church goers).   The lyrics to “Traditional Thron” have been modified a little since their conception but the overall message is still there and the song still rocks to this day.  The other song, I helped birth is “Finally Fading” while I didn’t help with the lyrics too much, I did devise the title and initial chord progression for the song allowing Erick to work with some others to bring the song to full growth.

“All That’s Left Behind” is currently available from iTunes and Amazon Mp3 store.  It is also available directly from the Beekin website.  So please check out this CD, it’s honestly one of the best things they have done.

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