Michael Koby’s Most Used Paid iPhone Apps

A few days ago we looked at the free iPhone apps I used the most, today we’re going to look at the paid apps that I use.

Tweetie ($2.99) – Hands down the most used app I have on my iPhone.  Not to mention, the best Twitter app on the iPhone.  I’ve tried all the more popular iPhone Twitter apps: Twitterific, TwitterFon, TweetDeck, Twitterlator Pro, etc and Tweetie wins hands down.  I’m anxiously awaiting the newest version which the author of the app says will “awesome” (but you know developers, we like to say “awesome” a lot).  If you’re looking for a Twitter app, look no further than Tweetie.  It’s rock solid (I don’t recall it ever crashing on me).

Beejive IM ($9.99) – If you do instant messaging like do, then you’ll need a good IM application for your iPhone.  Coming from the BlackBerry world, I was happy to learn that Beejive had an iPhone version of they’re application.  I was even more excited to learn that it was going to be one of the first to get push notifications.  Now my wife and my friends can get a hold me no matter where I am.

Byline ($4.99) – I read a lot of websites throughout the day and as such I subscribe to and watch a lot of RSS feeds.  A large part of my news reading takes place in Google Reader so it stands to reason that my iPhone RSS reader has to connect and sync with Google Reader.  Byline not only connects to Google Reader but will cache my starred items for future reading offline.  It will also cache unread articles for offline reading as well.  This makes it a must if you’re ever in a place where you can’t get cell or WiFi signal.  If you read RSS feeds and do so through Google Reader, then you really need to give Byline a shot.  It’s worth the price.

BuddyFeed ($2.99) – As noted earlier, I twitter a lot, and having used and liked FriendFeed in the past I wanted to make more of an effort to use it regularly.  Enter BuddyFeed, the more popular FriendFeed client for the iPhone.  It allows you to do most of the basic features you’d need in a FriendFeed client like post a new item, comment, like, and profile lookups.  It’s very easy to navigate and allows one get value out of FriendFeed fairly easily.  While FriendFeed hasn’t caught on with the mainstream, this will change due to its recent purchase by Facebook.

Peggle ($4.99) – I bought this game because it’s fun and it was on sale for two dollars.  This is an addicting game and if you’ve never played it, I suggest downloading the demo onto your computer and giving it a try.  It might seem hokey with the unicorns and other wooded creatures, but it’s addictive as all heck.  My wife even steals my iPhone on occasion so she can play this game.

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