"Thicker Than Water" by Vallejo

Vallejo - Thicker Than WaterWhile I was in Austin, TX for CodeCamp 2008, I made a stop by Waterloo Records (6th & Lamar) which is probably my favorite record store.  I randomly browsed for a bit before getting the definitive item I went to the store for.  That item was Vallejo’s latest album, “Thicker Than Water” and it was the only think I managed to walk out the store with.

Now, I’ve been listening to Vallejo since I saw them open for Pushmonkey here in Houston like 8 years ago.  This would be around the time they released the album “Beautiful Life” (which I consider their best effort to date).  I’m proud to announce that with “Thicker Than Water” Vallejo has found their muse again.  No more hard rock sounds with a little latin tinge.  The latin groove is constant through out all of “Thicker Than Water” and I couldn’t be happier.  This album really brings them back to the “Beautiful Life” sound and feel, which is good news for folks like me.  If I had one complaint about the album it is that all the songs are short.  Almost all of them clock in at around 3 minutes on average.  I understand that we live in the age of the radio single, but come one guys, give me a nice little jam that lasts a little longer than a radio single.

Overall the album is good, short, but good.  I’m glad to see the band return to the sound that made them unique.

Below is the video for the first single from the album, “Move On” so enjoy 🙂

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