Down on Apple?

Last week, Engadget had post about a possible second generation iPhone leak (New iPhone Design Leaked on iTunes? Highly Unlikely).  In the comments of this post you’ll find a couple of people really dissing Apple in an extremely horrendous way.  This is something that seems to have become sort of sport on the internet lately.  How bad can you insult Apple.  It is basically nothing but trolling, and normally one should not feed the trolls but I just had to post something because lately this kind of thing has really gotten to me. 

Marketing Genius

There are three companies that I credit with marketing genius: Jack in the Box, Chick-fli-a, and Apple.  The reason I credit them this way is because they either:

  1. Market in a way that is easy to remember the product or,
  2. Release a product that’s worth remembering

I challenge you to figure out what your favorite Jack in the Box commercial is.  Chances are you can name at least 3.  Or imagine the best Chick-fil-a sign you’ve ever seen (I think the cows are funny).  Now, name an Apple product.  Bet you can do it huh?

Apple has mastered marketing it’s products.  In fact, the only reason that Apple announced the iPhone a full 6 months ahead of release was to take away the bloggers of the world’s fun.  There are people that sit around and search the FCC website trying to find gadgets waiting for approval.  Since Apple was getting ready to submit the iPhone, they made the announcement and thus controlled the press element of its release.  A blogger could no longer make the "find" because Apple took the ability away.  Smart, very smart.

It takes talent (and a good marketing team with talent) to pull of the kind of press that Apple can.  Apple is great at controlling the release and press of their newly released devices.  This is important to a company that needs an edge.

Troll Bait

Does Apple’s genius when it comes to marketing its products make them a target for trolls the internet over?  Well if you pay attention to sites like Digg, Engadget, or even TechCrunch, it does.  What I don’t understand is people are so quick to point out where Apple has flawed in their marketing.  It is marketing people, the point of marketing is to ignore the bad stuff and push up the good stuff.  That’s the very nature of marketing.

Essentially what the trolls miss, is that the marketing has worked on them, regardless if they praise the product or put it down.  The fact that they are even discussing it, is proof that the marketing has had its effect.  That’s all Apple cares about.  Apple wants you talking about the product, good or bad.  Because if you are talking about it, then people are hearing about it.  Period.

So what can the trolls do?  Well, if they don’t want to effect the marketing or propaganda, then they simply need to stay out of it.  Do not talk about the product or the company.  Doing either is only furthering the marketing of the product or company.  It really is that simple.  But sadly it will never happen.  Because, you see, the troll has to have his two cents.  He has to make his statement if for the only purpose of being heard.  Such is the way of the internet troll.

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