Sony Comes Through, Will Sell DRM-Free Tracks on Amazon

Earlier this week, I wrote an article entitled Sony Misses the Point, that discussed how Sony/BMG deciding to sell iTunes-like cards in brick and mortar stores that allowed consumers to download DRM-Free tracks was a horrible idea and went completely against the idea of digital downloads.  Well it seems Sony/BMG was listening (or it was part of their plan all along and they didn’t announce it) and they will be selling their DRM-Free tracks via Amazon’s Mp3 Download store.  This news comes courtesy of iLounge.

I would like to personally say “Thank you” to Sony and Amazon.  To Amazon for having their Mp3 Download store and allowing the records labels to easily sell tracks through it.  Secondly to Sony for not holding out any longer with going DRM-Free.  Sure you’re the last one, but better late than never, right?  Right?

This is good news for DRM (Digital Rights Management) haters out there.  Now lets move on to the movie industry and get them to stop throwing DRM all over their digital downloads.  One industry down, one to go.

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