Is Google Stretching Itself Too Much?

Earlier today, Ars Technica posted an article about Jaiku users exodus-ing to Twitter because Google’s apparent lack of caring, maintaining, and updating the service.  The comments to the post point to several other companies that Google has purchased and basically let die off.  Accusations abound stating that Google does this so that someone else won’t buy the service, or that Google has simply just purchased too many companies and does not have the resources to commit to the project.   One comment does point out that the majority of the development staff for Jaiku has been in the process of moving to Silicon Valley and is getting settled in at Google’s headquarters.  If there is any truth to that, there is very little mention of it.  Jaiku blogs, support, and news pages have been rather dead since the purchase was announced and the creator of the service, Jyri, has little mention of what exactly is going on with the service in the way of updates, timelines for going non-invite only, or even just letting people know that something is going on.  All is quiet on the western front, or so the song starts.  GrandCentral, another Google purchase hasn’t had much in the way of updates since it’s purchase either.

So, it stands to reason that not much is really going on with these Google purchased companies.  And if that is the case, why do they continue to purchase companies that they have zero intention of developing, expanding, or furthering along?  Why is Google consistently buying up companies and letting them rot away?  Is Google planning something big that keeps all of this in limbo until some big announcement?  Are they waiting until the end of the 700Mhz spectrum auction to announce some grand scheme where all these services that appear to be just sitting there are going to play a major role?  What exactly is going on in Google’s world in regards these companies and services?

I really wonder why it appears development has stopped on services like Jaiku and GrandCentral.  These are two awesome services that could really do something.  Jaiku is better than Twitter in many ways but there if a mass exodus continues there will be no users left by the time Google makes an announcement.  GrandCentral can really change how people use their phones, but the service seems to be in stalled from a development standpoint.

What is going on with these services and the others that Google has purchased and left alone?  Can we get an answer?  Even if it is just an update that says “hey, something is in the works, we’re just waiting on these things” anything is better than the radio silence that seems to have become synonymous with Google company company purchases.

Come on Google, give us something.

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